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Super Bowl XLIX Katy Perry Halftime Show

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Well, that was fun. We had the time of our lives concepting and producing the projected and LED animation content for Katy Perry’s Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, the most watched halftime show in Super Bowl history. We were honored to work for an extraordinarily talented team including Baz Halpin of Silent House, Ricky Kirshner or RK Productions, Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Design, Hamish Hamilton of Done & Dusted, and Rob Paine of Touchdown Entertainment, Inc., and many others. Let’s do it again!

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Production Company – Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.
Supervising Producer – Rob Paine // Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.
Creative Director for Katy Perry – Baz Halpin // Silent House
Executive Producer – Ricky Kirshner // RK Productions
Production Design – Bruce Rodgers // Tribe Design
Halftime Show Director – Hamish Hamilton // Done & Dusted
Video Content Creative Director – Ben Nicholson
Design Director – Chris Gliebe
Concept, Design & Animation – Ryan McAllister
Animation & Compositing – Neil Smith
Animation & Compositing – Dave Irion
Animation & Compositing – Chris Long
3D Design & Animation – Kevin Gautraud
3D Design & Animation – Evan Sheldon
Concept & Illustration – Kurt Koch
Implementation Director – J.T. Rooney