Lightborne Communications

iRobot – Campaign


The amazing creatives at Sterling Brands design tapped Lightborne to create this dynamic series of animated online commercials for iRobot. These spots needed to amplify iRobot as being the premium robotic home vacuum system and champion all the amazing technology that iRobot is offering. Wet & dry mopping and vacuuming, self-emptying and filling, obstacle detection and avoidance, and their amazing new OS app that allows you to program, monitor, and control when and where your iRobot cleans. To bring all this tech to life we built these spots as 100% 3D animations. — Creating photo realistic environments and models of the robots and homes. This allowed us to get up-close camera angles, cut-away internal shots and dynamic transitions that would not be possible if shot practically. The end results are a hybrid of techy explainer and upscale lifestyle commercials. Four different spots in total, made for an impressive and challenging campaign that allowed our animation and design team to flex some serious muscle.

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Agency CD – Jeff Raulie
Lightborne CD – Chris Gliebe
Producer – Riann Wiggins
Compositor / Animator – Duncan Friend
3D Animator – Rob Engle
3D Animator –  Andrew Niehaus
3D Animator – Austin Lutz
Editor – Jonathan Kilberg