Lightborne Communications

Gillette Clinical – Ultimate Sweat Challenge


P&G brought us an intense production challenge. Create an awesome set in our studio for a heated head to head comparison spot, pitting Gillette’s new Clinical protection antiperspirant versus the competitor (Degree.) We had to construct a gym worthy of elite athletes, cast and shoot the spot in just a few weeks time, then jump into post and edit and create 24 deliverable versions of the spot in 2 languages. Well, the athletes may have broken a sweat but we embraced the burn, transforming our production studio in record time and meeting all the production and post delivery dates. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the studio.

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Director – Zach Daulton
DP & Colorist – Ryan Elliott
CD Set Design – Rob Gray
Editor – Brad Grawe
Producer – Riann Wiggins
Animator – Andy Erb
Animator – Lee Hoffman
Animator – Justin Lee
CD Post – Chris Gliebe