Lightborne Communications

Billy Joel – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, 2021


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Billy Joel’s classic album “The Stranger” Lightborne was tapped by Sony Music and Creative Director Steve Cohen to produce an official animated music video for “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” This epic 7:32 minute song was originally released in a time “before music videos,” so we were excited about the creative challenge and privilege to bring Billy’s masterful story telling and musicianship to life via a graphic novel-like animation and illustration style.  To learn more about the project and process check out this quick behind the scenes video:

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Executive Producer – Sony Music / Billy Joel
Produced for Sony by – Steve Cohen
Creative Concept – Lightborne
Director – Ryan McAllister
Producer – Lauren Bentle
Senior Designer / Animator – Neil Smith
Senior Animator / Illustrator – Kurt Koch
Senior Animator – Kevin Gautraud