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New ways to help our customers and community

We understand these are challenging and stressful times. It’s scary out there. We’re right there with you. And while we’ve been holed up in our home offices, we’ve been looking for new ways to keep your business relevant and the sales pipeline as full as possible. We can help. We want to help. We’re ready. We’re thinking of you.

5 ways we can help your business right now

1) 2D/3D animation — We can concept, storyboard and create 2D/3D animated videos.

Example: American Modern Insurance

Example: GE Additive


2) Content from scratch. We can create high-end content right now with stock video, photography, professional voice over, editing and motion graphics.

Example: Drees Homes

Example: Each & Every

3) Jazz-up an existing video — You’d be amazed by what our team can do with type and simple animation. We can re-edit, add motion graphics and voila! You have a brand new video.

Example: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Example: Pro Football Focus promo montage

4) Radio
Don’t forget about radio or streaming audio ads. We’ve always done these remotely – now it’s even easier with the voice-over talent at home anyway.

BONUS ZOOM — And for fun, be the person on your next Zoom call with a jaw-dropping animated background. If we can make J Lo and the Jonas brother’s stage shows look amazing, we can sure as hell knock your zoom call out of the park.

Whatever you need, we’re sure we can quickly deliver and exceed your expectations. Call or email Angie Fischer to discuss what your brand needs right now.

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